Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sutton's first day of preschool

Sutton is usually our little shy guy, but the funniest thing happened at his "meet the teacher playdate." When I arrived at Miss Danai's and was signing all the paperwork downstairs, Sutton disappeared. He had gone straight upstairs to the preschool room and was up doing arts and crafts...just him and Miss Danai. Then when it was time to leave I told him to say goodbye to Miss Danai and he walks up to her gives her a hug, leans back then gives her a kiss smack on the lips. Miss Danai looked a little shocked! I guess he's very comfortable with her already (she was London's preschool teacher for the past two years). Sutton absolutely loves preschool but he's a little irritated that he only gets to go two days a week and not every day like his big sis! PS- He's so proud of his new Puma shoes...he is so Doug's son!


The Monson Crew said...

He is so dang cute! Watch out ladies!!!!

Melody said...

Hooray, you got your blog going! It's about time! Okay, I know, I'll cut you some slack cause I know you're busy. Anyway, great job, I love it. Taite has already grown up since the last time I saw you, wow. Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!

p.s. That is so cute that Sutton is already in preschool, he's a stud.

amber said...

Love all the pics. You know I love to critque all of London's hairstyles.

Bryan said...

You're going to have to beat all the girls away with a stick soon, sounds like Big Sutton is a lady's man!