Tuesday, August 19, 2008

London's first day of kindergarten

So I arrive at the school and drive up through the kindergarten drop-off zone and see all the new kindergartners holding on to their parents legs looking like they were going to start crying (some of them were). I didn't even get the car in park and London is jumping out and running onto the playground toward her classroom. I jumped out of the car and ran after her to make her atleast give me a kiss goodbye. That's London for you... Miss independant. Most mom's imagine taking their first child to her first day of school a little different than that, but I know London and I knew it would go just like it did. I couldn't be happier for her because she had been waiting for that day all summer long! When I picked her up from school I asked her if she made any new friends. She says, "Yeah mom, I made so many new friends and I don't even know any of their names but they are all my friends." I don't know how we got such an outgoing child...doug and I were both horribly shy as children!

I guess she's a little on the short side.

London's 2nd day of school.